Securing the User Experience

There is a growing realisation within the Industry, that engaging the users can significantly reduce the risk posture for an organisation.  In Securing the User Experience, we consider a day in the life of a user in order to look for ways to both improve security and their IT experience.


Starting with that very basic matter of logging in. My1Login discuss the impact of password resets on the helpdesk. How user lifecycle management can close the gaps, and how simplifying a user’s access can improve productivity.


Whether it’s “clumsy fingers” or not understanding the impact of what is being sent. Zivver explore  ways to coach and guide users to properly secure external emails and avoid the “oops” moment.


A view from the perspective of the power users and admins. Thycotic share examples of the huge risks  organisations have when people who carry the keys to the crown jewels can move around unchecked.

Hitachi VeinID 5

How can organisations finally ditch the password problem? Hitachi talk about their Vein ID technology has adapted to address this.

Jenny Radcliffe

Get deeper insights into the mind of an average user from the UK’s recognised expert in Social Engineering, the People Hacker – Jenny Radcliffe.