Ransomware 2020

Ransomware has evolved from the random attacks we saw rise in 2016, to becoming a commercial model that attackers have started to follow.  In Ransomware 2020 learn how the attacks have become much more targeted and considered, especially the dwell time before the final attack. Starting with the assumption that an organisation has been compromised in some way (e.g. phishing, drive-by, etc.) this session works through the various phases of the attack.


Discussing the host compromise phase. SentinelOne share their experiences and what drove them to build their endpoint solution .


ExtraHop explain the lateral movement phase. Looking at the trends and tactics of attackers that they observed as an application performance vendor.


Covering the final phase of the attack before encryption, Arcserve explain how attackers try to compromise the backup .

Michael Jenkins MBE

Hear from Author Michael Jenkins MBE as he shares insights into the current trends of both hacking crews and Nation States.