Delivering Value in the New Normal

It goes without saying that the current challenges with COVID-19 have introduced challenges for organisations, users, and above all their IT teams.  IT leaders are continually challenged to drive greater value from their IT budgets, the added pressures as a result of the outbreak will increase that further. Delivering Value in the New Normal explores innovative ways to reduce costs and meet the challenges of this post-COVID landscape.


Decommission costly datacentres and leverage the economies of scale that cloud storage offers, whilst maintaining Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Fortinet & Exclusive Networks

Building an integrated security fabric can prove more cost effective than bolting together “best of breed” solutions.  Hear how Fortinet offer real-world examples of how they’ve helped to drive value for SecOps teams.

Nutanix & NGS

Providing an alternative approach, hear how Nutanix and NGS partnered together to create “One Box to Rule them All” – collapsing security infrastructure into one, highly available box.

Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley shares a CISO’s perspective on delivering value in the current climate, the challenges faced, and how he’s met them.