LogPoint named Champion in the Info-Tech’s Software Reviews SIEM Customer Experience Report

We are proud to share that LogPoint once again ranks #1 as the vendor that provides the best customer experience in the SIEM industry, according to end-users. These results validate our SIEM and UEBA solution as a market leader, as LogPoint received the highest score among all vendors on both the Customer Experience Score and Value Index which is composed of different metrics:

  • The perception that our software has a fair cost to value
  • Business value created by the SIEM
  • Importance to the customer’s professional success with LogPoint
  • Likeliness to renew

LogPoint named Champion in Info-tech Emotional Footprint for SIEM

The report provides clear evidence that our customers feel we’re easy to business with. It sets us apart from other SIEM vendors and demonstrates our commitment to empowering our customers to succeed.

LogPoint is defined as an “Outlier” among the Champions, meaning that we significantly outperform other vendors in the quadrant, and ranks #1 in the following metrics:

  • LogPoint is the most caring SIEM vendor
  • LogPoint is the most effective SIEM vendor
  • LogPoint has the most client-friendly policies
  • LogPoint is the most transparent SIEM vendor
  • LogPoint helps customers innovate more than any other vendor
  • LogPoint over-delivers more than any other SIEM vendor
  • LogPoint continually improves more than any other SIEM vendor
  • LogPoint appreciates Incumbent Status more than any other SIEM vendor

At LogPoint, innovation, providing the best customer experience, and industry excellence lie at the core of our business values.

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